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Niagara Falls -- You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. Suicides, toxic waste dumps, murder and worse. Mike Hudson's new novel nails the ennui, violence and squalor of this famed tourist destination. His spare prose is perfectly suited for a city gone mad with avarice and self-loathing. NEVER TRUST THE WORLD will make you nauseous. You will gag on the taste of your own hypocrisy.
ISBN 978-1467981156
120 pages
"Mike Hudson tells it straight from the shoulder -- artfully, but without a trace of bullshit. He's the heir to the old tradition of newshounds, driven to go for broke day in and day out." - Luc Sante, author of "Low Life"

"Mike Hudson has an extraordinary gift -- raw talent that cannot be taught, learned, or simulated. He's lived, and has a grasp of human nature that few possess, which is seamlessly woven into his writing. The resultant fusion is gripping, hard-hitting, perceptive prose that leaps from the page, sinks its fangs in and devours you whole..." - Dire McCain, "Paraphilia" Magazine

From a cursed cave and a haunted castle to the shocking scandals unfolding today, NIAGARA FALLS CONFIDENTIAL by Mike Hudson takes an unsettling look at four centuries' worth of the twisted personalities and strange occurences that you won't hear about anywhere else.
ISBN 978-0-6152964-2-5
160 pages, illustrated

"The first book from the editor of the cage-rattling Niagara Falls Reporter reads like the bizarre flipside to dime-a-dozen tourist books." - John Law, Niagara Falls (Ont.) Review, Aug. 25, 2007

"A true-crime collection of yarns about mobsters, murder and mayhem that's a hellish postcard from the honeymoon capital." - John Petkovic, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Nov. 13, 2007

Don Stefano Magaddino murdered his way from the sleepy Sicilian village of Castellamare del Golfo to the mean streets of Brooklyn before heading to Western New York and seizing control of the notorious Buffalo mob. MOB BOSS by Mike Hudson is sure to take its place among the classics of mafia literature!
ISBN 978-0-615-23073-3
120 pages, illustrated

"He carves out words like a butcher carves out a steak. Sometimes there's blood on the chopping block." - George Sample, Corry (Pa.) Journal, March 14, 2008
The 32 short pieces that make up JETSAM were written and published between 1977 and 2009 in newspapers and magazines Mike Hudson has worked for during his long career as a journalist and freelance writer. His lean and unsentimental prose style is apparent in even the earliest entries here.
ISBN 978-0-615-30029-0
152 pages


"Mike Hudson has burned his private hole into the earth by exhuming dead bodies and turning the tawdry into the mythic. His digging reveals the mania and voice of a punk savage who just can't stand average." - John Petkovic, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"As a heavyweight journalist and unflinching memoirist, Hudson writes like the devil's on his heels, redemption is on the line, and tomorrow might not come." - D.X. Ferris, Cleveland Scene

Mike Hudson was founder and lead singer of Cleveland's legendary punk rock band the Pagans, who performed with Patti Smith, the Ramones, the B-52s and other leading lights of the era. In a prose style reminiscent of Hunter Thompson and William Burroughs, Hudson paints a stark portrait of a life lived outside society's boundaries.
ISBN 978-0-9797693-1-3
160 pages, illustrated


"I can honestly give DIARY OF A PUNK perhaps the finest praise one can heap upon a music bio: it made me want to listen to the band. Loudly. Right now." - Christopher Schobert, Buffalo Spree magazine, May 2008

"Riveting, rattling and detailed ... full of death-defying tales, angry Cleveland brio and self-inflected disasters. It's truly as punk as the band - which has continued to exist on and off in some form - ever was." - Ira Robbins, Trouser Press

Power City Press presents Bob Pfeifer's UNIVERSITY OF STRANGERS. Pfeifer is best-known for his pioneering indie band Human Switchboard. In his first novel he blends fact and fiction, a real-life murder trial and a shadowy cadre of truth-seekers. Includes a drop card to download new songs by the Tabby Chinos.
ISBN 978-0-615-42595-5
160 pages
"Bob Pfeifer's excellent first novel delivers on all scores as a satirical jab at the media and our celebrity-obsessed culture." - Danny Goldberg, author of "Bumping into Geniuses"

"This book is depraved, the product of a sick mind. It's also a good novel I read from start to finish." - Alice Cooper, recording artist.